We are an association with legal entity, non-profit, law-abiding, transparent and completely integrated to strengthen the systematic productivity of aquaculture through quality systems, safety, socio-environmental sustained development, investigation and innovation, boosting the defense and security of aquaculture, processing and commercialization, to guarantee our clients optimum quality products.


We will continue being a recognized association with synergy with our employees, partners, vendors and clients; strengthening our members through new management practices, maintaining recognition as leaders of the harvesting, processing and commercialization of aquaculture products.

Our History

Founding and Organization of the ANDAH

The ANDAH was founded May 14 of 1983 with the support of USAID and FPX and in accordance with needs and pressures referred by the different businesses concerning vital aspects for the successful operation of a growing industry, such as investment capital with reasonable credit lines, laws consistent with the development of the shrimp farmer, special treatment regarding tax laws, communications infrastructure, and other vital aspects for business development.

Currently, the ANDAH counts with over 300 members, comprised by businesses, individual producers, cooperatives and groups dedicated to shrimp harvesting and larvae laboratories; with periodic integration of aquaculturists at a national level, as well as processing plants and businesses providing goods and services directly related to aquaculture in the country.

The bylaws were reformed in 1995 to incorporate sustainable development practices and environmental protection (Presidential Summit of Central America in Costa del Sol, El Salvador, February 1989).    These were again modified in 2005 to expand the membership to other aquaculture areas, processing plants and national vendors for goods and services, which were published in the Official Newspaper, La Gaceta, in 2008.

The ANDAH is member of the following organizations:  Organization of Central American Businessmen of Aquaculture and Fishing (OECAP), Honduran Council of Private Enterprise (COHEP), National Federation of Farmers and Cattle Ranchers of Honduras (FENAGH), Honduran Farming Council (COHAGO), Southern Chamber of Commerce (CICS); it is also founding member of the Global Alliance for Aquaculture (GAA).

The ANDAH executes 33 permanent programs, projects and activities with technical-scientific criteria and within four Sustainable Development programs:  Investigation and Science for Sustainable Development; Environment and Productive Development; Education, Training, Updating and Transfer of Sustained Aquaculture Technology; and Security, Public Relations and Publicity.